ASSET Propagation Model

Advancing 3D ray tracing for optimal network performance in complex urban areas.

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Key benefits

Enhanced 3D Ray Tracing

3D ray tracing analyzes network performance in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions utilizing state-of-the-art, Unified Theory of Diffraction. Multipath ray tracing data is available for each location.

Extended Terrain Morphology Detection

Highly accurate terrain modelling with hundreds of morphology classes. More morphologies equals greater
accuracy and better results.

User-Configurable Vegetation Modeling

The ASSET Propagation Model provides ‘tunable’ exponential vegetation loss modeling, with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) defaults included.

Detailed Reflection Modelling

Each wall of a building is unique. Go beyond generic reflection modelling to accommodate individual
windows, doors, and unusual façades. You can even account for wall permeability, reflectivity, and roughness.

Diffraction Modelling for Horizontal and Vertical Planes

Different configuration parameters for H and V planes helps improve network performance.

Improved Digital Twin Modelling with New Automated Model Tuning

Proper planning helps reduce costly mistakes and delays – and highly accurate digital twin modelling helps
ensure 5G design success. The ASSET Propagation Model has a standard deviation of error that is much lower than the industry average.

Use cases

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What our clients say

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Analysys Mason
Analysys Mason

TEOCO’s market leading position in Engineering Systems reflects the success of its extensive network planning and optimization solution set, built by some very cohesive acquisitions and integrated effectively to form a leading portfolio

Analysys Mason


ASSET 5G from TEOCO, enables us to combine network resources to effectively plan and design our network to deliver an excellent 5G user experience.

Stefano Ricca | Head of Radio Network Design | Swisscom

MTN scaled

Having a standard planning tool across MTN Group allows us to be consistent in our approach to network planning and optimization. The data we collect on our subscribers needs to be highly accurate if it is to improve our business operations. Having worked with TEOCO for more than 20 years we are certain they will help us achieve our subscriber goals.

Navindran Naidoo | Network Design/Planning | MTN

jiesai logo

Having seen the benefits of TEOCO’s ASSET solution across LTE networks, we were confident of its capabilities for 5G and we’re delighted to be working with TEOCO to deliver the best service to our operator customers.

Cheng Min | Wireless Chief Engineer | JieSai

Cable & Wireless Seychelles
cable and wireless

Using the ASSET tool, we can deliver a reliable and first-rate quality of mobile service to our subscribers and also the many international visitors who visit our country, in the most cost-effective way possible.

Sebastien Bec | CTIO | Cable & Wireless Seychelles


By partnering with TEOCO and by leveraging its ASSET tool we are able to safeguard and extend the inherent benefits of tower sharing by ensuring our MNO customers derive maximum possible benefit from our infrastructure.

William Saad | Co-Founder & COO | IHS

Oi Brazil

Delivering the best possible experience for all our users, regardless of where they are or what connection they’re using, is a fundamental requirement and important competitive differentiator for us – especially when many of our users are prepaid customers.

Sergio Sena | Mobile & Wi-Fi Planning Director | Oi Brazil

Tier 1 US Operator

We have a longstanding, valued relationship with TEOCO. It was therefore a very easy decision to entrust the planning of our 5G infrastructure to TEOCO and its ASSET Radio planning tool.

Tier 1 US Operator

MTN scaled

As MTN SA continues its 5G journey, it’s critical that we have the right tools to accurately predict radio network coverage. Having already experienced the benefits of the ASSET solution first-hand, we were confident of its capabilities for 5G and delighted to be strengthening our relationship with TEOCO to deliver the best service to our customers.

Themba Sikampula | MTN Senior Manager | OSS and Tools

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