Power Analytics Engine powered by Natual Language Processing.

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Key benefits

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Leverage CogniSense’s advanced geo-analytics and sophisticated visualization tools to rapidly identify the root cause of business-impacting concerns.

Advanced Geo-Analytics

CogniSense delivers best-in-class geolocation analytics and virtual drive test capabilities, including binned maps, VDT with complete L3 event analysis, and color-coded key performance indicator (KPI) sectors – all on a GIS.

Scalable Data Handling

Built on a highly scalable, modern, “Big Data” business intelligence platform, with a powerful HTML 5.0 web-based user interface to handle the massive volumes of data generated by today’s modern networks.

Actionable Insights

CogniSense doesn’t just identify issues, it provides a rich set of graphical components. Navigate between maps, charts, reports, and dashboards with a single click.

Beyond Network Improvements

Benefit from improved data monetization and subscriber profiling. Use cases include roaming analytics and profile segmentation analytics, which provide valuable insights for your marketing and strategic planning departments.

Future proof investment

Aircom is a well-established company with a long track record of success. We are not just focused on network planning; we understand all aspects of your business and build our tools with that in mind.

Use cases

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What our clients say

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NOS Portugal

Our work with TEOCO has meant we can build an ecosystem of tools that can help us to constantly improve our network, from planning through to optimization and identifying new value creation streams.

CTIO | NOS Portugal


Adding CogniSense reinforces the insights we get from the mobile network and enhances the accuracy of the information we have, building the framework for mobile optimization automation.


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