Optimize API’s & Automation

For enabling zero touch automation and the sharing of valuable RAN information across the organization.

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Key benefits


APIs enable interoperability between diverse elements, bolstering communication and the exchange of data.

Automated Workflows

APIs allow automation tools to interact with network devices, applications, and services, enabling workflows where tasks can be initiated, monitored, and managed without manual intervention.

Streamlined Integration

APIs define clear interfaces and protocols for communication, making it easier to integrate new functionalities and services into an automation framework.

Real-time Data Exchange

APIs facilitate real-time data exchange between different components, enabling automation systems to react promptly to changing conditions or events in the network environment.


As the network grows or evolves, APIs enable seamless integration of additional resources and capabilities into the automation framework.


Developers can leverage our APIs to tailor automation scripts, policies, and procedures to meet the unique needs of their environment.

Optimize API’s

Rich set of API’s enable easy access to geolocated data, performance heatmaps and subscriber KQI’s.

Send location intelligence information and positioned measurement data to a 3rd party or data lake

Send parsed RAN data to a 3rd party/data lake to enable E2E Analytics

Leverage geo-located traffic and performance maps for more accurate radio network planning

Send individual subscribers QoE insights to a 3rd party or data lake

Send RAN cell trace-based KPIs to a 3rd party or data lake

Leverage geo-located traffic and performance maps to a 3rd party or SON solutions

Use cases

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What our clients say

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NOS Portugal

Our work with TEOCO has meant we can build an ecosystem of tools that can help us to constantly improve our network, from planning through to optimization and identifying new value creation streams.

CTIO | NOS Portugal


Adding CogniSense reinforces the insights we get from the mobile network and enhances the accuracy of the information we have, building the framework for mobile optimization automation.


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