Delivering advanced geo-analytics to automatically optimize your network.

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Key benefits

Advanced Geolocation and Network Optimization Technology

With optimization and geolocation in one platform, Mentor provides the best of both by harnessing subscriber experience data. Its advanced geolocation algorithms identify and resolve critical network quality, capacity, and coverage issues.

Increased Subscriber Satisfaction

Mentor quickly resolves subscriber experience issues by capturing, classifying, and filtering call data and then diving deep into areas of concern with a virtual drive test.

CapEx and OpEx Savings Via Automation

Our ‘hotspot reduction’ algorithms balance hardware utilization, preventing unnecessary CapEx spend. And by automatically identifying issues, operators can reduce OpEx by minimizing physical drive tests.

Successful 5G Delivery

Leverage Mentor’s geo-intelligence capabilities to prioritize 5G investments, validate the performance of newly launched 5G clusters, and analyze and optimize the expanding 5G network as traffic grows.

Multi-vendor/Technology Support

Mentor is both technology and vendor agnostic, designed for today’s complex, hybrid network environments.

APIs for Easy Integration

Our Network Planning APIs help mobile operators achieve zero touch automation.

Use cases

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What our clients say

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NOS Portugal

Our work with TEOCO has meant we can build an ecosystem of tools that can help us to constantly improve our network, from planning through to optimization and identifying new value creation streams.

CTIO | NOS Portugal


Adding CogniSense reinforces the insights we get from the mobile network and enhances the accuracy of the information we have, building the framework for mobile optimization automation.


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