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Swisscom is the leading provider of communication, IT and entertainment in Switzerland with over 6.5 million subscribers and more than 55% market share. It has a well-earned reputation for technology leadership.


Swisscom is always striving to push the boundaries and leverage technology innovation to create value for its subscribers. As a result, they wanted to take the lead in deploying 5G and needed a 5G capable planning tool that could deliver a high-performance, yet cost-effective 5G network design. It was also important to them that the tool integrated seamlessly into their day-to-day business processes and ways of working.

TEOCO’s Solution

TEOCO quickly deployed its ASSET 5G solution into Swisscom’s staging environment for thorough validation and once proven moved it into production.

Prior to deployment, Swisscom and TEOCO worked in close collaboration with Swisscom’s network equipment vendor to ensure accurate implementation of the Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) feature in ASSET. This was critical to Swisscom and their quest to achieve countrywide 5G coverage quickly. The close collaboration between TEOCO and Swisscom ensured the DSS functionality was thoroughly field-tested and delivered all the capabilities expected by Swisscom’s network design engineers.

Value Generated

Swisscom achieved its goal of being the first operator in Europe to activate 5G. Additionally, the ability to model DSS within ASSET 5G enabled Swisscom to test a range of network scenarios as it looked to rapidly build 5G coverage and capacity in the most cost-efficient way.

“ASSET 5G from TEOCO, enables us to combine network resources to effectively plan and design our network to deliver an excellent 5G user experience.” – Stefano Ricca, Head of Radio Network Design.

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You can learn more about ASSET 5G here.

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