Aircom’s ASSET 2023 Q2 Release introduces further automation to increase 5G network design efficiency

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Mobile Operators can now automate one of the most time intensive aspects of network planning and easily share design KPIs across the organization.

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 20 June 2023 – Aircom, the leading provider of analytics, assurance, planning and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, today announced a new version of its ASSET Suite, featuring product improvements in automation, usability, and integration.

The ASSET 2023 Q2 release also introduces two new modules, ASSET 365 Predictions and ASSET Evo.

The ASSET 365 Predictions module demonstrates ASSET’s automation capabilities by fully automating  one of the most time intensive tasks in network planning, the generation of antenna specific RF pathloss. This allows operators to have continuous access to the latest prediction data whenever they need to create output maps or perform advanced network simulation. ASSET 365 leverages ASSET’s Open API based architecture to deliver an intelligent, self-healing, load-balancing system which has been proven to deliver at scale.

The ASSET Evo module allows operators to extend the availability of network planning KPIs and project data beyond their planning teams through a simplified and intuitive web interface. Now, everyone in the organization including groups like marketing and customer service can more easily benefit from the latest network design KPI insights.

“The ASSET 2023 Q2 helps service providers digitally transform their radio planning organization by automating network planning tasks such as pathloss predictions, significantly reducing the time needed to update network coverage maps said Nishita Hathi, Product Director, Aircom.  “And by making this information easily available through a web interface, other teams have instant access to the network design KPI information they need when they need it.”

This latest release also includes the ability to design LTE as well as 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) networks and to identify specific cell sites contributing to electromagnetic interference. It also includes additional updates to other modules such as ASSET GEO and ASSET Simulator.

To learn more, watch our informational video on the ASSET 2023 Q2 release, or visit our website.

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