Aircom’s ASSET Release Introduces New Propagation Modeling Capabilities


ASSET users now have access to advanced 3D ray-tracing capabilities for improved network design in complex urban areas. 

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 30 November, 2023 – Aircom, the leading provider of analytics, assurance, planning and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, today announced that the latest release of its ASSET radio access network planning software suite is now available and features a number of product improvements, including a new propagation module, the expansion of its API portfolio for greater automation and extension of ASSET’s web based modeling capabilities.

The new Asset Propagation Model (APM) seamlessly integrates with the ASSET Suite. APM provides users with access to advanced 3D ray-tracing algorithms, leveraging modern GIS datasets and optimization for multi-core CPUs, providing the accuracy and performance required to support new planning paradigms.

“The ASSET 2023 Q4 release benefits tremendously from our recent acquisition of Wavecall,” states Atul Jain, Founder and CEO of Aircom. [Read the Wavecall announcement] “Asset now includes full 3D ray-tracing capabilities which enable buildings to be modeled with higher precision, and allows users to more easily manipulate larger areas of environmental data using high resolution maps. These new capabilities are a significant differentiator for ASSET and will deliver improved results for our customers.”

Additional release updates include:

  • ASSET’s web based module, ASSET Evo now supports all technologies, making it possible for operators to extend the availability of valuable KPIs and project data beyond network planning organizations. In addition, field teams can now easily access planning data on-site through portable devices.
  • Increased Automation through the addition of the Planner API to support parameter planning externally to the ASSET client.

To learn more about the ASSET 2023 Q4 release, visit our website.

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