Aircom’s new framework drives Zero Touch Operational Automation at Magenta Telekom

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By automatically responding to changes in the network and updating and reconfiguring cell parameters without manual intervention, Magenta Telekom is taking a step further towards “zero-touch” network operations.

FAIRFAX, VA., USA – February, 23, 2024 – Aircom, the leading provider of analytics and optimization solutions for over 300 communications service providers worldwide, is supporting Magenta Telekom, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, in optimizing its wireless network operations through automation. SmartCM, Aircom’s industry-leading configuration management platform, now includes an automation framework that enables Magenta to not only monitor and adjust the configuration of their wireless network without human intervention, but also to create automated responses to changing network conditions.

“Mobile networks require constant fine-tuning,” says Robert Schneider, Senior Manager Mobile Engineering & Lifecycle Management at Magenta Telekom. “Monitoring hundreds of millions of cell parameters is an important but time- and labor-intensive task. SmartCM detects discrepancies and adjusts cell parameters immediately and automatically, helping Magenta Telekom to provide better network coverage in a scalable and cost-effective manner. The new framework enables engineers to define workflows that respond to external triggers and automatically take corrective actions.”

Magenta Telekom has been using Aircom’s SmartCM solution since 2018 to configure its 5G network. The SmartCM automation framework enables Magenta to bring data, services and existing and proven optimization algorithms into an end-to-end automated process to accelerate a variety of tasks. For example, if data traffic exceeds a certain threshold, the algorithms detect this and automatically adjust the cell parameters to balance the load. The new framework can be customized to automate a variety of network optimization tasks to achieve immediate cost savings while improving network performance.

“Magenta Telekom has always been an innovator in the industry, willing to think outside the box,” explains Atul Jain, CEO of Aircom. “With the new automation features, the company can optimize its network operations for the many opportunities that will arise in the future. We look forward to working with Magenta on more exciting projects in the future.”

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