Aircom adds FWA planning capabilities to ASSET


FAIRFAX, VA., USA – 9 June 2022 – Aircom, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, has today announced the launch of ASSET Q2 2022, the latest release of its leading radio network planning tool. ASSET Q2 2022 contains advanced features that will enable operators to plan and launch 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services accurately and efficiently.

ASSET is deployed by CSPs worldwide and provides full capabilities to plan state-of-the-art networks. ASSET’s 5G capabilities have been specifically designed to allow CSPs to achieve higher levels of prediction modelling accuracy, and the introduction of FWA features will allow them to manage this radically different planning environment as they move further forward on their 5G journey.

The ASSET 2022 Q2 update adds several new features and improvements:

  • 5G FWA planning: As operators start rolling out 5G FWA networks, ASSET can now support improved CPE modelling as well as per CPE reporting to optimally design 5G FWA networks
  • VoLTE and VoNR MOS: As network voice traffic moves from circuit switched to packet switch, ASSET supports the ability model VoLTE and VoNR Mean Opinion Score (MOS) to optimise voice service experience over an operator’s network
  • Accurate RACH planning: In order to optimize the KPIs which influence the VoLTE and VoNR performance, ASSET introduces further enhancements for RACH planning
  • Crowdsourced Data support: Further improvements in terms of performance and usability of the crowdsourced data in network design
  • What-if scenario modelling: Improved statistical and graphical analysis to support ‘What-if’ analysis in order to help operators make the right decisions around 5G network rollout

The toolset updates also address the technology hurdles most commonly associated with FWA planning processes, such as 5G roof-mounted antennas and placement of small cells. In addition, ASSET Q2 2022 delivers improved usability for coverage and traffic analysis, combined multi-technology planning, site-selection, and ‘what-if’ scenarios, while continuing to strengthen performance and accuracy.

“Our ASSET radio network planning tool has a strong history of supporting CSPs around the world to plan, manage and optimize their networks,” said Atul Jain, Founder and CEO, Aircom. “The updates and enhancements made to this latest release of ASSET will allow CSPs to successfully launch their new 5G FWA offerings and unlock new revenue opportunities.”

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