Mentor’s 2024.1 released with Advanced AI and Enhanced 5G Support

Mentor v2024.1

FAIRFAX, VA, USA – July 11, 2024 – Aircom, a leading provider of advanced analytics and optimization solutions for communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, is pleased to announce the general availability of Mentor v2024.1. This latest release introduces significant enhancements, including advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, extended 5G support, and optimized resource allocation features.

“Our latest version of Mentor demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence in network analytics and optimization,” said Khurram Chaudhry, Vice President of Product Management & Engineering at Aircom. “The introduction of the CogniSense Insight Advisor with advanced AI capabilities is a significant leap forward, enabling our customers to benefit from more intuitive and powerful analytics tools.”

Highlights from Aircom’s Mentor Release 2024.1:

  • CogniSense Insight Advisor: The new AI module integrates advanced AI capabilities, including natural language processing, automated analytics and data exploration. This module learns user preferences to customize dashboards, reports and analytics, providing a more personalized and efficient user experience.
  • 5G Support Extensions: Expands support for CogniSense Apps including Performance Management (PM) KPIs Analytics, Automatic Problem Detection and Virtual Drive Test Analytics as well as enabling additional Device Capabilities for User Equipment (UE) Analytics.
  • Enhanced Geolocation Accuracy: Incorporates accurate predictions from external sources as additional input to geolocation algorithms, enhancing positioning accuracy and improving our ability to integrate and leverage planning tools solutions including TEOCO ASSET suite.

Yony Dvory, Director of Product Management, added, “With Mentor v2024.1, we have not only expanded our 5G support for various network engineering use cases but also made our advanced analytics more accessible through AI capabilities. Engineers will now be able to ask simple questions that generate trends, data, and correlations. These enhancements reflect our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of CSPs and ensuring they have the tools necessary to optimize their network performance effectively.”

Aircom’s Mentor v2024.1 is now available for deployment. For more information on the latest features and enhancements, contact your Aircom representative or write to us at Contact.RAN@teoco.com

About Aircom

Aircom is a wholly owned subsidiary of TEOCO. Our RAN planning and optimization solutions are used by more than 125 customers across 100+ countries to design, build, optimize and monetize their cellular networks.

With decades of experience, we help our customers improve service quality, resolve network challenges, automate processes, and establish a competitive edge. To learn more about how Aircom’s solutions are tailored for smarter mobile networks, and how we help drive innovation and excellence in connectivity, visit teocoaircom.com.

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